Nancy Garhan Attebury

Nancy Garhan Attebury has penned fifteen educational books for children including Gloria Steinem: Champion of Women’s Rights, which was selected for the 2007 Amelia Bloomer List, Out and About at the United States Mint. “Highlights for Children,” “Jack and Jill,” and “Humpty Dumpty” and other magazines have carried her work.


'Twas the Night Before Round-Up
Written by Nancy Garhan Attebury
Illustrated by Joan Gilbert Madsen

When powerful horses dressed in silvery tack sweep into the arena, four energetic cowkids grab reins, swing onto the steeds, and ride like the wind. The cowkids showcase their skills in pole bending, barrel racing, calf roping, and more in this adaptation of the classic 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. In the end the cowkids face a choice to stay in the arena or stay with the horses and . . ."answer the call to dash away, fly away, zip away all."

Exposing children to a regional event that appeals to everyone is what Nancy hopes to do with ‘Twas the Night Before Round-Up. Grandpa George Attebury was a saddle bronc rider in the Pendleton Round-Up in 1912.

‘Twas the Night Before Round-Up, its illustrations, and activities at the back of the book cover many educational learning standards.


Gloria Steinem: Champion Of Women's Rights
by Nancy Garhan Attebury

Blazing new trails and winning equal rights for women are what Gloria Steinem is about. Since the 1950s she has made a mark on society with what has sometimes been an outspoken manner.

This biography offers insight into Steinem’s formative years when she was sole caregiver of a mother who was often depressed and unable to care for her as other mothers cared for their children. Chapters build chronologically and stress Steinem’s growth toward independence in a world that did not always value strong women.

Attebury’s opportunity to meet with Steinem in person shows in her ability to disperse information in an informative yet interesting way. According to Attebury’s text, “Women and other oppressessed people today receive more support than ever before. Steinem has played a big role in making this a reality. She has spent a lifetime making sure that society no longer holds women back.”

This book allows women and men alike to see positive results brought about by striving to make things equal and better for all people.

outaboutmint .. outaboutbank

outaboutcityhall .. outabouthospital

Out and About
A Learning Series for Children

by Nancy Garhan Attebury

Out and About at the United States Mint
Out and About at the Bank
Out and About at City Hall
Out and About at the Hospital

Flip open the pages of these four books to get an up-close tour of the facilities. Learn about ribbing, the blanking process, transactions, ATMs, vitals, utilities and more in these field trip specific books. Tons of interesting tidbits are included. Bright computer generated illustrations add to the fun and end matter includes hands-on activities that can be used to extend learning about each setting. The books are designed to interest children in grades K through 4 and have been used successfully with all ages of special needs students.

whalescover .. schooldayscover .. folkheroscover

perrycover .. radiocover .. sandcastlescover

sistercitiescover .. storytellercover .. tricksterscover

Elementary Readers (Leveled Readers)
by Nancy Garhan Attebury

A selection of leveled readers for Elementary Grades 2-6 include Science, Social Studies, Biographies, and Literature designed to capture the imagination and interest of young readers.

Admiral Perry

Be swept up in the sea tale of Admiral Perry when you read this biography created to capture the attention of young readers (Ages 7-12).
It tells how Perry persuaded Japan to open its doors to other countries in 1854.

Pat Mora, the Storyteller
Feel right at home with a biography of Pat Mora, a writer who wanted Hispanics to be recognized as authors. Created to capture the attention of readers from age 5-8.


Try adding water to sand to get the "stretchiness of a rubber band." Sandcastles tells what sand is and how it works, and invites readers to build their own sandcastles. (Ages 5-8.)

Use these books, complete with photos, to learn about the world from the 18th century to modern day.

School Days in 1700
Tells what school days were like in the 1700s. (Ages 7-12.)

Turn up the Radio
Explore the days of radio. (Ages 7-12.)

New England’s Whales
Focuses on the whaling industry from the 1600s to present. (Ages 7-12.)

Sister Cities
Features cities of the world that share ideas, culture, and exchanges. (Ages 7-12.)

Buy into the adventures of characters like tricky Anansi the Spider, boastful Coyote, powerful Paul Bunyan, sharp-shooting Annie Oakley, and others when you read these colorfully illustrated books.

Meet Some Tricksters
Highlights tricksters like Anansi, Brer Rabbit, and Coyote. (Ages 5-8.)

Fact or Fiction: American Folk Heroes
Features folk heroes like Johnny Appleseed, Davy Crockett, and Annie Oakley. (Ages 5-8.)